How to Set up Successful New Year Resolutions

While New Year’s resolutions are often personal, below are some suggestions that will not only help you better your own life, but they will help prepare for an amazing school year.

Keep your list of resolutions short. A good resolution is specific, achievable, and meaningful to you. Taking small steps in the right direction will make a long-lasting impact rather than trying to drastically change your lifestyle all at once.

Instead of making a vague resolution like “get organized” or “get healthy” be clear on your goals. Break the steps down into small, doable actions that you can work into your daily life.

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One easy habit to start today is to dedicate time (20-30 minutes) to sorting between items to keep/put away and things that go in the trash/recycling

First, you need to identify the systems that work best for you. For example, do you need obvious visual reminders to help you keep your scholarship applications organized? Then utilizing IO Scholarships organizer might be a solution to try. Need to track bills? Then you need to develop a filing system (either paper or electronic) as well as selecting a scheduling assistant.

By committing that time to organizing your things each day, the task will feel less intimidating and it will eventually become second nature.


Exercise is good because it can lower your stress, improve your mood, and it actually gives you more energy!

Ideally, you want to work out at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week. Exercising with a group gives you the added benefit of being held accountable for your health goals.


Dedicate a specific amount of time per day or week to look and apply for scholarships. Host a “Scholarship Wednesday” where you prepare some delicious snacks and dedicate a few hours to the scholarship process.

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How to Set up Successful New Year Resolutions