3 Tips to Succeed in STEM

A 2018 Pew Research Center study about minorities in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields reported that while Latinos and Blacks compose 27% of the overall U.S. population, they only account for 16% of those employed in STEM occupations. Since many companies want to diversify there are several opportunities for talented LatinX and Black students.

Tip #1: Experiential Learning & Networking

 Learn about science and technology on your own. Attending museums, planetariums, and walking at Facebook observing the campus can heighten technology enthusiasm. Experiential learning can trigger an interest in STEM. Also, learn about the life of STEM professionals by observing them at their job. For example, ask a friend who works in the STEM industry if you could spend a day watching their work.

Networking is critical to first-generation Latinos and Latinas in STEM fields asit is required a strong supportive network of peers, and professionals to succeed.

Tip #2: Take advanced of STEM curriculum courses

The lack of preparation is the greatest barrier to success and promoting critical thinking is key to academic success. XYLO Academy provides students a unique educational curriculum through engaging video modules on disruptive innovations that are key to students’ future careers.

Tip #3: Build your Financial & Career Success

Many Latinos view the high cost of college as a major barrier, but it can be overcome. Spend time researching and applying for scholarships and also take advantage of paid internships in the STEM industry. The opportunities are countless in engineering for talented LatinX students.

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3 Tips to Succeed in STEM