STEM Scholarships for Minority Students

Maria Trochimezuk

IOScholarships was created by María Trochimezuk, who won scholarships to pay for her entire education. Her determination and hard work paid off as she won grants and scholarships from Stanford University and UCSB to continue her post-graduate education.

She learned first-hand how to find, apply for and win scholarships and became an advocate promoting scholarships nationwide. She has been featured in just about every major media outlet including Univision, Telemundo, Diversity in STEAM Magazine, Hispanic Network Magazine, Black EOE Journal and Professional Woman’s Magazine.

In realizing how time consuming and complicated the process of finding scholarships for diverse students was, she created IOScholarship to make things much easier. IOScholarships will not only help underrepresented students find scholarships, but level the playing field so all students have every opportunity to achieve their educational goals.

Founder of IOScholarships Shares Her Tips on Getting Free College Money


Our mission is to increase the number of underrepresented students in the science, technology, engineering and math fields by offering a free intuitive, user friendly scholarship matching experience for diverse undergraduate and graduate students.

At IO Scholarships, we are passionate about diversity, because we know that the technology industry will benefit from people with different backgrounds and ideas. We exist to make sure all minority students have the opportunity to access free money for college. So when you are asked how you fit into the industry, we want you to proudly say: “I am STEM”. Smart, Talented, Educated Multicultural student.


To build the diverse and inclusive STEM workforce the world needs. Our goal is to open the door for the innovators of the future by matching over 1 million diverse undergraduate and graduate students with STEM scholarships worth over $1 billion over the course of the next decade.  

What Sets IOScholarships Apart

  • A safe and trusted place to search

  • Scholarships that align with diverse backgrounds – most of the opportunities come from private foundations and corporations that are willing to support underrepresented students, not just the competitive national scholarship pool

  • Scholarships for any stage of your academic journey – including undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduates.

  • Resources beyond scholarships — including free scholarship organizer, financial education information about money saving tips, coupons and relevant scholarship tips for students.