Best Colors to Wear for a Zoom Interview

First impressions are important!

Nowadays, companies might interview hundreds of candidates for one position and first impressions are more important than ever. One important, and often overlooked, aspect of an interviewee’s first impression is the color of their interview clothes.  

interview student

The color of your interview attire sends a subconscious message to the interviewer about your personality.

The following tips can help you understand what colors to wear to an interview to make the best first impression.

Consider what your background will be during the video interview. If you’ll have a white or light-colored wall behind you, a contrasting richer or darker color will help you stand out more.

Great colors: royal blues, greens, grays, browns/tans, and purples can all work well. Softer colors (such as a pale blue shirt) work well because they convey a bit of personality without being overwhelming. Blue is also one of my favorite colors as it convey feelings of calm, trust and confidence.

Solid vs patterns: Patterns can appear too busy on a video screen and may distract your interviewer from your great answers. Either choose a simple pattern or wear solid colors. 

Be creative: try a bold colorful scarf to show your sense of style. Red is a powerful color that conveys energy and passion.

The right colors can help convey your confidence, professionalism, and ability to fit into an organization’s work environment.

  • Blue: shows that you’re confident, trustworthy, and a team player.
  • Black: implies leadership and sophistication.
  • Gray: you’re logical, and analytical.  Gray is a great color to wear as a suit or dress; it allows you to look powerful but is not quite as domineering as a black suit or dress.
  • Brown/tan: Brown is a neutral color that evokes feelings of calm. It is a great solid, neutral color for an interview.
  • White: makes people think you’re safe and organized. Crisp and clean, white is a great color for shirts and blouses. The color conveys truth and simplicity and adds a bit of brightness without being too overwhelming.

If you are in any doubt about the company’s culture, it is best to dress conservatively, with neutral, solid colors.

I think it is important to have something super clean and simple on top— you don’t want to feel uncomfortable or distracted by what you are wearing. Like it or not, the colors you choose to wear to your interview will reflect who you are and the qualities you bring to the table. So, when you’re left wondering what color to wear to an interview, it’s best to play it safe. No, you don’t have to wear the most boring outfit in the world. You can still express your personality, just do so more subtly with accessories such as a nice scarf, piece of jewelry or a tailored jacket with nice buttons.

What are the Best Colors to Wear for a Zoom Interview?