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winning scholarship essay

5 Tips to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay

How to Create a Winning Scholarship Essay Find the Best Scholarships for You These might be those based on your major and ethnicity. If you don’t have a STEM major set yet, you might concentrate on your extracurricular activities or…

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student inflation

How to Create a Successful College Budget and Beat Inflation

5 Budgeting Steps to Help Students Beat Inflation There are both long and short-term effects of inflation. While inflation can have an adverse effect on your financial future, it can also make it difficult to meet your financial obligations right…

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checking account money

Tips To Choose the Best Checking Account For Students

Tips To Evaluate the Best Checking Account For Students Opening a checking account allows you to easily deposit a check you receive, take out cash with your debit card for daily transactions or set up direct deposit to receive your…

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Students Credit Card

5 Maneras de Evitar Arruinar Tu Crédito

5 Maneras de Evitar Arruinar tu Crédito Cuando se trata de crédito, se necesita un tiempo para construir su puntuación y sólo unos pocos errores lo arruinan. Teniendo eso en cuenta, aquí hay algunas maneras de evitar arruinar tu crédito…

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Student writing essay

How to Outline a Winning Scholarship Essay

How to Create a Successful Scholarship Essay Outline A scholarship essay is the most essential part of your application. This essay can either help you win or lose the opportunity to get a scholarship. When writing essays for school, the…

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successful budget students

How to create a successful budget while in college

How to Create a Successful Budget while in College Creating a budget while in college is a great way to track spending and understand where your money goes. Here’s how you can start budgeting now and work toward your bigger…

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