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3 Tips to Write a Great STEM Resume

10 Tips to Write the Perfect STEM Scholarship Essay Whether it’s to get financial aid for college or to fulfill your dream of studying abroad, writing an essay that showcases why you deserve the scholarship can make or break whether

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Top Careers for Diversity in STEM Graduates

TOP CAREERS FOR DIVERSITY IN STEM GRADUATES STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. These subjects are especially sought after by employers and companies around the world. This is mainly because these high-growth tech careers and diversity in STEM

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Summer College Checklist for High School Seniors

High School Seniors Checklist for this Summer To ensure you’re on the right track, here’s a list of what you should be focused on during the summer. APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS Begin working on your scholarship search now, so this task

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June Best Kept Secret Scholarships

¡Hola amigos de IOScholarships! Below, you will find the best STEM scholarships and internship opportunities for this month. Deadlines are approaching soon. Apply for these great scholarships and job openings today! Also, we are launching our IOScholarships Superheroes Podcast. Tune

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Ultimate Scholarship Guide for Minorities in STEM

Ultimate Scholarships Guide for Minorities in STEM According to Education Data Initiative 2022, on average, Latinos and Black students owe $25,000 more than white students. Black students also often owe more than their net worth. These factors result in high

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