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April Best-Kept Secret STEM Scholarships

¡Hola amigos de IOScholarships! Below, you will find interesting STEM scholarships. My goal is to share some unique scholarships with my readers. Deadlines are approaching soon. Apply for these great scholarships today! Saludos, María Fernanda

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Scholarship Tips

5 Tips to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay

How to Create a Winning Scholarship Essay Find the Best Scholarships for You These might be those based on your major and ethnicity. If you don’t have a STEM major set yet, you might concentrate on your extracurricular activities or

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Financial Education News

5 Maneras de Evitar Arruinar Tu Crédito

5 Maneras de Evitar Arruinar tu Crédito Cuando se trata de crédito, se necesita un tiempo para construir su puntuación y sólo unos pocos errores lo arruinan. Teniendo eso en cuenta, aquí hay algunas maneras de evitar arruinar tu crédito

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What to Wear for an Engineering Job Interview

How to Dress for an Engineering Interview First impressions are important! Planning your outfit for an interview can improve your chances of getting the job. For an engineering interview, in particular, it’s important to maintain a well-kept appearance to reassure

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Scholarship Tips

How to Outline a Winning Scholarship Essay

How to Create a Successful Scholarship Essay Outline A scholarship essay is the most essential part of your application. This essay can either help you win or lose the opportunity to get a scholarship. When writing essays for school, the

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