How to Get Scholarships: Student Tips for Success

November is National Scholarship Month and we are celebrating with Jacob Bojito, a STEM student from Springfield, MA

STEM Scholarships

Winning free money to pay for school is always something students can celebrate and Jacob is sharing with IO Scholarships some recommendations to help you improve your scholarship application process.

Why do you apply for scholarships?

I have received some scholarships that have been tremendously helpful especially since my parents have to pay for three children in school. I feel a bit of pressure to cover the cost of my career and scholarships are very helpful.

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How do you stay motivated to apply for scholarships?

For each scholarship I won I didn’t win another one so sometimes I felt discouraged. But it can’t stop you. If you continue to strive without fear, you will succeed. I know that I must be proactive in applying for scholarships to help ease the financial burden.

IO Scholarships Tip: Every dollar counts and the more scholarships you win the less money you will have to borrow. Continue searching for scholarships past high school graduation as we have hundreds of opportunities for college graduates and postgraduates!

What scholarship advice do you have for other students?

I found that the process of preparing and applying for scholarship opportunities was much less intimidating when I seek the help of teachers and other students applying for scholarships and careers in STEM. I recommend applying to as many scholarships as you can and don’t wait until the last minute!

IO Scholarships Tip: Treat applying for scholarships like a part-time job. Dedicate a few hours each week to apply to awards of all amounts including the small ones which could cover your education expenses such as book. The more you apply to, the better your chances of winning!

Why should students use IO Scholarships?

I am extremely helpful with IO Scholarships help through this process. Speaking to María Fernanda made me realize it is possible to go to college and graduate debt free. Our conversation has inspired me to work towards that goal

IO Scholarships Tip: Using IO Scholarship allows you to apply for opportunities which you already qualify, and your ethnic and cultural background is valued. We take so much work out of the actual scholarship search process. Remember to update your profile frequently with a change in GPA to get the best matches possible.

If you need more information to help you win big scholarships read the following article.


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How to Get Scholarships: Student Tips for Success