IO Scholarships Celebrates National STEM Day with Innovation Scholarships


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National STEM Day, which occurs annually on November 8 (NOV8=en-o-v-ate= innovate) presents an opportunity to search for scholarships in science, technology, engineering and math and some of the most interesting scholarships are available to diverse students. The number of STEM students has grown over the last decade but unfortunately some diverse students are underrepresented in the industry. 

“Many students feel pressure to obtain a four-year college degree to access jobs in the STEM fields and while many of these careers require a bachelor’s degree that may not be the case for other careers in STEM,” said María Fernanda Trochimezuk, Founder of IO Scholarships. “More and more students are finding alternative pathways to building a successful STEM career such as associate’ degrees, certificate program or some technical courses.” 

Below are some of the biggest STEM scholarships for Latinx, African American, Asian Pacific Islanders, and Native American students. Sure, they are quite competitive as the bigger the award, the bigger the competition. But if done right, students can make a very large difference in their long-term financial situation.

Hispanic Foundation Silicon Valley Latinos in Technology: $30,000

The Latinos in Technology Scholarship provides up to 100 Latino students the support they need to graduate from college. Additionally, scholarship recipients will be considered for summer internships with sponsoring corporate investors. DACA students are welcome to apply.

Google Lime Scholarship: $10,000

Google and Lime Connect are committed to helping the innovators of the future make the most of their talents. They offer scholarships for computer science students with disabilities. Candidates will also be considered for software engineering internship opportunities with Google. Scholarships will be awarded based on the strength of candidates’ academic background and a demonstrated passion for computer science.

Thiel Foundation Fellowship Program: $100,000

The Thiel Fellowship is a two-year program for young people who want to build new things. Individuals under 23 pursuing projects in biotech, career development, economics and finance, education, energy, information technology, mobility, robotics, and space are encouraged to apply. No GPA is required, and international students can also apply.

Regeneron Scholarship:  $250,000

The Regeneron Science Talent Search (Regeneron STS) is the nation’s oldest and most prestigious science competition for high school seniors. The competition recognizes 300 student scholars and their schools each year and invites 40 student finalists to Washington, D.C. to participate in final judging, display their work to the public, and meet with notable scientists and government leaders.

IO Scholarships Celebrates National STEM Day with Innovation Scholarships