STEM Students: Tips on Landing a Fintech Career

A FinTech career offers an exciting array of opportunities!

Financial Technology (FinTech) is a rapidly growing industry and students looking to pursue careers with fintech companies need to have unique skills that will help them land the best-paying jobs. If you’re interested in finance and technology, a mix of STEM knowledge and coding skills, there’s a good chance FinTech might interest you as a career.

What Is FinTech?


FinTech is more than a $17 billion industry and continues to enjoy rapid growth with a projection of $46 billion dollars to be invested in the year 2020. Competition is fierce among start-ups, banks, lenders, and insurance companies. Consumers are eager to keep pace with the changes in technology and they expect their financial service providers to do the same. This is good news when it comes to employment opportunities. If you are looking for a career in the financial industry that incorporates cutting-edge technology, FinTech businesses offer the chance to work on innovative ground-up IT projects with competitive salaries.

What can you do to land a career in FinTech? Here are some tips on where to start:

Understand the FinTech Ecosystem

Understand how the bank evolved and what opportunities may lie. In drafting your resume be sure to highlight your internships and other experiences that showcase skills that are targeting the fintech job.

Since fintech jobs typically require working with cross-functional teams under tight deadlines, skills like communication, problem-solving, creativity and teamwork will make you a particularly valuable asset.

Build your FinTech Network

FinTech webinars are the best places to start networking. To find potential networks and leads on job opportunities, try listening to IOScholarships Superheroes Podcast where you will hear from other students and fintech industry experts about their experiences in this fast-growing field. You can also build connections with fintech professionals through Linkedln. 

Sharpen your FinTech Skills

Log into IOScholarships and apply to scholarships for master’s programs in fintech, data analytics, contactless payment systems, cryptocurrency, and/or artificial intelligence. At IOScholarships you will find thousands of scholarships for diverse Latinx/Hispanics, Black/African American and Native American students.

The demand for skilled FinTech professionals, whether as developers or entrepreneurs, is only growing. This means pursuing a career in Fintech could well be one of the best decisions you could make as a student. At IOScholarships we want to focus on providing financial wellness and career opportunities to help you get plugged into the fintech ecosystem. If you need more information to help you win big scholarships read the following article. and visit IOScholarships


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How to Land a FinTech Career