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During this episode, Aarna Sahu, a brilliant fifteen-year-old student based in San José California will share her inspiring insights on bridging the gender gap in STEM by encouraging younger girls to pursue this ever-changing world of STEM 🚀

She founded her school’s Society of Women Engineers Club, Girls Can Code, which teaches coding basics in hopes to encourage young students to pursue Computer Science courses after seeing a lack of female STEM representation at her school. 🌍

Learn the importance of building a solid network of friends, mentors, and how girls can support each other in the evolving world of STEM. Arna shares the the significance of curiosity and continuous learning as when children become curious, the brain becomes a fast moving, information gathering tool that encourages learning! 🌟

Don’t miss this episode, where Aarna shares her lessons learned, and valuable tips for dreaming big in STEM! 🎉

Episode 12 – IOScholarships Superheroes