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During this episode, Matthew Rada, will be sharing his own story of how he won an amazing scholarship through IOScholarships.
He just graduated in June from Exceptional Minds with a certificate in Animation and 3D. He loves developing his own characters and stories about superheroes and he created IOScholarships Superheroes cartoons with a mindset of making this planet a better place to live on!
Also, he is our first IOScholar in the area of arts and innovation. He is a black belt martial artist and a beatboxer and loves to perform and act. His dreams include becoming an actor and becoming the next Stan Lee as he is an avid Marvel and DC fan. Don’t miss this episode, where Matthew shares his lessons learned, and valuable tips for winning (IO)Scholarships!
If you’re interested in learning more about his journey, check out @comicart2021 on Instagram.
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Episode 13 – IOScholarships Superheroes