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In August of 2023, Autumn N. Bryan became the first recipient of the Karen Mashburn Environmental Scholars Internship and Scholarship, awarding $10,000 to her academic efforts. Autumn, a graduate student of Geoscience at Florida Atlantic University, plans to pursue a doctorate in Environmental Literature. She has published articles about climate change, wildlife conservation, and environment endangerment through international nonprofit organizations. She volunteers as a digital archivist, serves on a wildlife conservation organization’s board of education, and has founded a Teen Environmental Advocates club at her local library. She also dedicates her time to climate research as a reporter for The Invading Sea. Autumn plans to continue to encourage awareness around youth services, wildlife conservation, and environmental education though her work in literature, geoscience and nonprofit organizations. Autumn, a published author, describes herself as a passionate activist for education, environmental conservation, and human rights.
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Episode 18 – IOScholarships Superheroes