Big Ticket STEM Scholarships Students Need to Know

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Your Diverse Background Might Be Your Ticket to Full Ride Scholarships

 The number of STEM students has grown over the last decade but unfortunately some diverse students are underrepresented in the industry.

Below are some of the biggest STEM scholarships for African American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American students. Sure, they are quite competitive as the bigger the award, the bigger the competition. But if done right, you can make a very large difference in your long-term financial situation.

Thiel Foundation Fellowship Program: $100,000

The Thiel Fellowship is a two-year program for young people who want to build new things. Individuals under 23 pursuing projects in biotech, career development, economics and finance, education, energy, information technology, mobility, robotics, and space are encouraged to apply.

Hispanic Foundation Silicon Valley: $30,000

The Latinos in Technology Scholarship provides up to 100 Latino students the support they need to graduate from college. Additionally, scholarship recipients will be considered for summer internships with sponsoring corporate investors.

United Negro College Fund Scholarships: $100 Million

The largest private scholarship provider for minority students, the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) awards at least $100 million in scholarships to students each year.

The Gates Scholarship: $500,000

Each year, 300 top student leaders are awarded the Gates Scholarship. This is a very competitive scholarship for exceptional, Pell-eligible, minority, high school seniors.

Most scholarship application deadlines occur typically from September through May. While this does give you some time to apply for scholarships, it still is a good idea to start searching for scholarships as early as you can. These four minority scholarships are just a few of many available at

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Big Ticket STEM Scholarships Students Need to Know